Spring Workshop 2023

FYI – Here’s an announcement about a multi-agency weekend workshop event, including NAUI, sponsored by All About Scuba 1000 Islands. It’s the annual Spring Workshop May 27-28, 2023 in Alexandria Bay. Heison Chak shares this information about the workshop:


This Spring Workshop features some of the most talented instructors in the industry, the event also offers guided dives on popular dive sites in the area for those who want to experience the fabulous fresh water of Alexandria Bay’s 1000 Islands region.

Regardless of your dive experience, agency affiliations or training background, you will enjoy this fun-filled, high quality coaching environment.


There are several workshops that cater to our growing recreational community. Whether you are seeking advice on a dive computer for farsighted eyes, intrigued by underwater navigation, looking to master river diving techniques, or meeting new people, you won’t want to miss this!