Covid-19 Policy

Life with Covid-19 requires extra precautions and we’re on board with that. Here are the industry recommendations for diving which Blue North will follow. If you do not want to comply with these restrictions, we completely understand, and you are free to dive elsewhere.

You will need to fill out these forms before diving:

Covid-19 Screening Questionnaire
Vaccination Self-Declaration
OUC Communicable Disease Liability Release and Assumption of Risk Agreement

Important standards for diving:

  • Blue North Scuba Club will adhere to Provincial Covid-19 Guidelines as they pertain to our sport.
  • Blue North Scuba Club will follow the requirements of the local Health Units regarding diving activities.
  • Club members and their guests cooperate with dive operators, boat operators and dive shops.
  • Blue North Scuba Club strongly advises that our members get fully vaccinated as soon as possible. 
  • Proof of vaccination is a requirement to attend a Club event.
  • Blue North will only accept registrations for a Club event from people who have had two doses of Covid-19 vaccinations plus a 14-day waiting period after their second dose before attending a Club event.
  • All members and guests on a Club dive will be required to complete a Covid-19 Liability Release from the Ontario Underwater Council. OUC is our provincial diving association, representing all divers in Ontario, and is the provider of our club insurance. 
  • It is every diver’s duty to be diligent, not negligent, in caring for yourself and your buddy and your fellow divers.
  • Do not attend if you have any symptoms or signs of illness of any kind.
  • Voluntarily sign the usual waiver in advance of the dive.
  • Provide contact information in the event that contact tracing is required.
  • Answer health screening questions on site before participating in the dive, which may include a temperature check.
  • Follow the advice from:
  • Understand the danger of using alcohol wipes on your tank & regulator.