OUC Covid-19 Protocols

All participants must complete the following three online forms

COVID-19 Screening Questionnaire

This form must be completed both prior to departing from home AND prior to boarding the charter boat or attending a shore dive. Complete the questionnaire to the end. If you are GREEN, please join us. If you are RED, please stay home because we would have to turn you away for the safety of all after your long drive to the dive site.

Vaccination Receipt

Bring your government of Ontario proof of vaccination with you to the dive.

For health, safety, and liability reasons, Blue North Scuba has adopted a policy that only fully vaccinated people may participate in Blue North scuba dive trips, where “fully-vaccinated” is defined as 14 days after the date of your second vaccination. People who choose not to get vaccinated, therefore, choose not to participate in Blue North dives.

OUC Communicable Disease Liability Release and Assumption of Risk Agreement

OUC requires that all participants correctly complete this risk agreement. Otherwise, you cannot attend the dive. Participants are required to report their 2021 OUC Membership Number. OUC membership numbers change every year, and previous year OUC membership numbers will not be accepted, and will prevent OUC from sanctioning the requested activities.

  • Select “Blue North Scuba Club”. If applicable, you can also select “Hart House Underwater Club”.
  • Use your current OUC Membership Number
  • If you are a member and haven’t received your OUC number yet, use this 8-digit code:
    (also applies to HHUC Training Members)
  • If you are a non-diver hanging out with Blue North at a diving event, use this 8-digit code:
  • If you are attending a “Try Scuba” type of event, use this 8-digit code:

All diving participants must comply with applicable Federal, Provincial, Regional, Municipal and Facility Public Health regulations, protocols and guidance whenever participating in Blue North Scuba activities, including but not limited to complying with maximum gathering sizes, physical distancing, correctly wearing appropriate PPE, sanitizing shared high-contact surfaces. If you do not want to comply with these protocols, we understand and you are free to dive elsewhere.

Thanks for your cooperation to keep us all safe to dive another day.