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We are Blue North Scuba Club, an independent sport diving club based in Toronto, Ontario. We’re up for adventure, friendship and safe diving.

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Blue North Scuba hosts recreational dives in Ontario and the Caribbean for certified divers who are members of Blue North Scuba. This is a scuba club where young people from the university, recent graduates, alumni and interested scuba divers can come together to meet each other, have fun and participate in the world of open water diving. We hope you will join your favourite buddies and instructors from HHUC for the experience of scuba diving with Blue North Scuba. We are pleased to share the diversity of the underwater world, foster protection of the aquatic environment, and advance our scuba skills. We are a club member of the Ontario Underwater Council. We run a summer diving program, Caribbean trips, social events, and assist with advanced diver courses.

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Your Board of Directors

Bob Belcher,
Dave Bragg, Treasurer, Blue North Scuba Club
Dave Bragg,
Kathryn Cullen, Communications Director, Blue North Scuba Club
Kathryn Cullen,
Alison Morley,
Co-Dive Coordinator
Rhain Louis,
Merchandise Coordinator
“Shop Blue North”
Heison Chak,
Director without Portfolio

Blue North Instructors/Divemasters

a NAUI Instructor
Courtney Gibson,
NAUI Instructor 51941
A NAUI Instructor
Martin Bonert,
NAUI Instructor 33907
Heison Chak,
NAUI Instructor 59648

Volunteer Leadership Opportunities

Scuba divers reporting their time and pressure to the Divemaster after the dive
Scuba divers reporting their time and pressure to the Divemaster after the dive
Dive Coordinators
– Play a major role in selecting the next year’s dive sites!
– Gain valuable leadership skills
– Learn about the dive industry in Ontario
Contact us to find out how to volunteer……………………………………………………
– Take on a challenging & rewarding leadership role
Contact us if you are a certified divemaster available to volunteer to divemaster one of our dives

Contact us to find out about these opportunities to advance your leadership skills

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