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We are Blue North Scuba Club, a sport diving club based in Ontario. We’re all about adventure, friendship and safe diving.

Blue North Scuba is the independent preferred dive operator for the Hart House Underwater Club for dives over 100 km from campus where HHUC cannot go. We are excited to share the diversity of Ontario’s underwater world, foster protection of the aquatic environment, and advance our scuba skills. We are a club member of the Ontario Underwater Council. We run a summer diving program, advanced diver courses, as well as educational seminars and lively social activities.

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Your Executive Committee

Bob Belcher,

Dave Bragg,

Kathryn Cullen,

Bob Belcher, President, Blue North Scuba Club
Dave Bragg, Treasurer, Blue North Scuba Club
Kathryn Cullen, Communications Director, Blue North Scuba Club

Alison Morely,
Director without Portfolio

Rhain Louis,
Director without Portfolio

Heison Chak,
Director without Portfolio

Volunteer Leadership Opportunities

Dive Coordination

  • Play a major role in selecting the next year’s dive sites!
  • Gain valuable leadership skills
  • Learn about the dive industry in Ontario


  • Contact us if you are a certified divemaster and available to assist in divemastering one of our dives.

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