Club Policies

Health and safety and Covid-19

Health & Safety

We care about your diving health & safety.
We are concerned about Covid-19 and are monitoring the situation to ensure we return to diving in a responsible way. 
Covid-19 Policy
Also: scroll to the bottom for Covid-19 links.

Hull of a shipwreck in Ontario, highlighting the Club's Dive Policy

Dive Policy

Max depth, safety stops and so much more.
Please review before diving

Wall dive: Buddy pair with guest diver

Guest Diver Policy

Invite a friend
Introduce a diving friend to Blue North

Divers with camera equipment on a shipwreck

Photography Policy

Protecting your safety and privacy
How and where to snap and share

Diver submerging through shafts of light

Covid-19 Advice

Return to diving post-Covid-19 – Joint presentation from Hart House Underwater Club and Blue North with Courtney Gibson. These links contain information for your consideration. You are strongly encouraged to independently verify and validate for yourself.

Presentation slides from the seminar
Recording of the Inner Space Seminar (Note: the intro is a black screen, then the presentation starts.)
Blue North Covid-19 policy

Advice from DAN – Divers Alert Network
Advice from OUC – Ontario Underwater Council