Requirements to Dive Checklist

Let’s go diving!

  1. Fill in the Membership Application form

  2. Pay your annual Blue North membership fee
    Payable by eTransfer to
  3. Pay your Dive Fees
    See the individual dive notices for the specific fee for your dive.
    …….Payable by eTransfer to:
  4. After we send you your OUC membership number for the current calendar year, please fill in the mandatory annual OUC Communicable Disease Liability Release and Assumption of Risk Agreement
    • It is essential to sign this online form to attend any diving function. If you do not sign this Release, you will not be allowed, for liability insurance reasons, to attend any Blue North sanctioned activities. In fact, no Blue North event will be sanctioned by OUC unless every participant signs the Release.
    • For your dive club, select: “Blue North Scuba Club” and all other scuba clubs that apply to you.
    • Use your OUC number on the risk agreement
  5. Bring your vaccination receipt to show you are fully vaccinated against Covid-19.
    Get it online if you don’t have it. The dive boat captains and the divemaster will request to see it when you arrive.

  6. Before leaving home, assess your personal health situation by following the Covid-19 Self-Screening Questionnaire recommendations.

  7. Review the checklist for gear to pack for the dive.



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