Requirements to Dive Checklist

Let’s go diving!

  1. Pay your annual Blue North membership fee
    Payable by e-Transfer to:
  2. Fill in the annual application form
  3. Pay your Dive Fees for shore diving or boat diving.
    See the dive notices for the specific fee for your dive.
    Payable by e-Transfer to:
  4. Fill in the annual OUC Communicable Disease Liability Release and Assumption of Risk Agreement
    • Select “Blue North Scuba Club”
    • Use your OUC number on the risk agreement
    • If you have paid, but haven’t received your OUC number yet, use this temporary 8-digit code:
    • If you are a non-diver hanging out with Blue North at a diving event, use this 8-digit code:
  5. Pack your proof of 2nd vaccination document in your wallet or on your cell phone.
    Get it online

  6. Review the Covid-19 Health Screening Questionnaire before leaving home for the dive.

  7. You may want to view our suggested checklist for gear to pack for the dive.



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