Gear Checklist for your Dive Trip

Use your own judgement to determine if this is a complete list for you!
Make sure all your gear is in top functioning condition prior to each dive trip.

1. Dive Log and pen

2. Scuba Certification card(s)

3. Proof of 2nd Covid-19 vaccination

4. Cell phone, wallet, credit card, money

5. Directions to the dive site and accommodations

6. Mask, fins, snorkel

7. Mask defogger — such as baby shampoo — absolutely no spitting in your mask due to Covid-19

8. Wetsuit, boots, gloves, hood (some people wear socks inside their wetsuit boots to avoid blisters)

9. Tanks (filled)

10. Regulator with octopus and pressure gauge

11. Weights, weight belt or BCD weight pockets

12. BCD

13. Dive computer (essential)

14. Dive tables

15. Dive knife

16. Whistle

17. Underwater slate with underwater pen

18. Compass

19. Other gauges as needed (such as depth gauge, watch, etc.)

20. Safety sausage

21. Dive light (charged or with batteries )

22. Tank marker light/cylumes (not the chemical ones)

23. Tools, save-a-dive kit, spare O-rings, spare snorkel-keeper, etc.

24. Fish identification book

25. First aid kit

26. Hat, sun glasses, sun covering (Note: chemical sunblock lotions and sprays are very bad for the aquatic environment and we strongly suggest you use other methods for sun covering such as clothing)

27. Drinking water

28. Towel

29. Optional: camera, medications, fill in anything else you need _____________________

30. Gear bag to hold it all

31. Make sure you have filled in the annual OUC Communicable Disease Liability Release and Risk Agreement for the current year. (Note: This is required by the Ontario Underwater Council for Club insurance before you go diving. You cannot accompany Blue North on a dive unless we see that you have filled this out.)