Photography Policy

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Blue North’s responsibility
By joining Blue North Scuba Club, you have agreed that the webmaster may publish suitable group, landscape or waterscape photos from time to time. We take this responsibility seriously and will only publish respectable photos. If you have questions, please contact us.

Your responsibility as a photographer
The underwater world is a special place, and many divers love taking photos and videos in order to share the excitement of our dive experiences and adventures underwater.

There are times, though, when cameras should not be used.

As a matter of safety:

• Training Courses: Students participating in training dives should not bring cameras on the dives. Exceptions to this can be made at the discretion of the Instructor:

  • if the use of the recording device is relevant to the training (e.g., Underwater Photographer course); or,
  • if the training dive does not include an underwater skills demonstration (e.g., Nitrox Diver).

• Safety Divers and Instructors: Divers who are overseeing dive activities in an official capacity (Instructors, Assistant Instructors, Divemasters, Rescue Divers) should not use cameras while actively fulfilling those leadership/safety roles. Exceptions can be made:

  • if the demonstration of camera use is a necessary part of the dive activity (e.g., Underwater Photographer course); or,
  • if the camera is “hands-free” (doesn’t require visual attention or manipulation during the dive) and is being used to help document and evaluate the Instructor’s teaching.

• Recreational Dives: Divemasters supervising recreational dives can ask a diver to refrain from taking cameras into the water if, in their opinion, doing so would create an unacceptable safety risk. This risk might, for example, include environmental factors, equipment configuration, dive buddy assignment and the diver’s individual level of skill.

As a matter of privacy:

• Consent: Photos and video on the deck can sometime catch people in situations they would not want shared (i.e., climbing into wetsuits, dressed in bathing suits, resting between dives, etc.). Dive briefings and class briefings should not be recorded without the dive leader’s permission. Out of respect for everyone present, dive boats and shore prep areas should not be treated as “public” spaces: you are responsible for ensuring that people know and accept that you are taking their picture or recording them.

• Publishing: Before “publishing” any photos in which an individual is clearly visible, you should first seek permission from that person – even in cases like “private” albums on Facebook. Posting underwater pictures of anonymous, wetsuit-clad divers is generally fine, so long as you don’t make efforts to publicly identify the diver (e.g., do not use “tagging” on Facebook).

Blue North Scuba Club is committed to creating safe dive environments and protecting our members’ privacy; members who knowingly violate these policies can be prohibited from taking part in future club diving activities.