Blue North plans to offer advanced scuba courses, seminars and on-site information sharing. We are a NAUI affiliated dive club and will be running NAUI Advanced Training Courses. We do not run an introductory scuba training course. These are some of the courses run in the past. We will update this page when courses are scheduled.

Advanced Diver

Expand your diving skills
Increase your confidence and skills, learn exploration, underwater mapping, wreck diving, search & recovery, diving in surf, current diving, altitude diving, etc.
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Scuba diver with dive light

Master Scuba Diver

For Advanced Divers
The NAUI Master Scuba Diver Course for certified divers includes eight diving conditions, such as emergency procedures, simulated decompression diving, night diving, underwater navigation. search & recovery, light salvage, air consumption.
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Practicing a scuba rescue and inflating buddy's BCD

Rescue Diver

Enhance your rescue skills
Learn how to manage risks and diving emergencies, how to assist and transport divers, and how to perform surface rescues and rescues from depth.
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Divemaster on the dive boat with whiteboard drawing of the shipwreck


An excellent leadership program
This program is designed to train experienced and knowledgeable divers as divermasters to organize and conduct safe, enjoyable open water dives for certified divers.
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Scuba buddy pair in a rock canyon

Assistant Instructor

Diving instruction basics
Learn instruction basics and fundamental water skills for assistants. 
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Nitrox dive tank


Enriched air nitrox (EANX)
Learn how to choose the proper blend of Nitrox for your dive profile, determine maximum depth limits for your Nitrox mixture, analyze your breathing mixture, and plan and safely execute each dive. 
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