Membership Fee

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Fee Schedule

  1. Scuba Diver $80
    = $40/yr Blue North + $40/yr OUC
    (If you are already a member of OUC for the current calendar year, you do not have to pay OUC again.)
  2. Scuba Diver in the 1st year of scuba diving after certification $60
    = $20/yr Blue North + $40/yr OUC
    Note: OUC membership coverage under “HHUC training” expires for HHUC training members at the end of your certification dives. Therefore, it is important to join Blue North and OUC immediately after certification to keep on diving!
  3. Non-scuba-diving Social Member who accompanies Blue North on dive trips $60
    = $20/yr Blue North + $40/yr OUC if you are a non-scuba-diving social member and wish to accompany the scuba divers on a scuba diving trip.

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Ontario Underwater Council

Each Blue North member and guest participating in a Blue North scuba diving trip must be a member of the Ontario Underwater Council (OUC) which offers comprehensive liability insurance to its member clubs.

Guest Scuba Diver Fees

  • Annual Blue North guest scuba diver fee, $40.
  • Annual OUC membership fee, $40.
  • Dive fee: See individual dive notice.

Guests must comply with all club policies.
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