Membership Fee

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Fee Schedule

  1. Scuba Diver $40
  2. Scuba Diver in the 1st year of scuba diving after certification $20
  3. Non-scuba-diving Member who accompanies Blue North on dive trips $20

Plus OUC

  • All members of Blue North must also be members of OUC – the Ontario Underwater Council – for liability insurance.
  • If you already have an OUC membership for the current calendar year, you do not have to pay OUC a second time to join Blue North. For example, if you are a Member or Trainee of HHUC, you will already have an OUC number for this year.
  • If you do not have an OUC membership for this calendar year, Blue North will arrange it for you.
  • OUC membership costs $40.

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Ontario Underwater Council

Each Blue North member and guest participating in a Blue North scuba diving trip must be a member of the Ontario Underwater Council (OUC) which offers comprehensive liability insurance to its member clubs.

Guest Scuba Diver Fees

  • Annual Blue North guest scuba diver fee, $40.
  • Annual OUC membership fee, $40, if you do not already have an OUC membership for this calendar year.
  • Dive fee: See individual dive notice.

Guests must comply with all club policies.
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Membership Form

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