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We would love to welcome you as a member of Blue North Scuba Club.

Membership Types
We have three options for Membership in Blue North Scuba:

  1. Diving Member*
  2. Diver in the 1st year after certification*
  3. Social Member*
Fee Schedule for membership in Blue North Scuba Club

Blue North Scuba Club membership rates include an OUC membership fee (unless you are already a current OUC member). OUC is the Ontario Underwater Council offering comprehensive liability insurance to its member clubs.

  1. Diving Member $40/yr + $40/yr OUC = $80
    (or $40 if you already have a current OUC Membership Number)
  2. Year-One Diver: Just certified = $20/yr + $40/yr OUC = $60
    (Note: OUC membership coverage expires for HHUC training members at the end of your certification dive.)
  3. Social Member: $20/yr + $40/yr OUC to accompany us on dive trips = $60

* Ontario Underwater Council
Please note: Each Blue North member participating in dive activities must also be a member with the Ontario Underwater Council (OUC) to be covered for insurance. If you are already a current OUC member, just provide us with your OUC membership number for the current year.

* Social Members
– If you are a social member who accompanies us on dive trips, you will have to purchase an OUC membership as well as a Blue North social membership — for a total of $60.
– If you are a social member who attends only non-diving activities, your social membership fee is $20.

Guest Diver Fees
Guests are welcome on our dives. The following fees apply:
– Guest diver fee of $40 for the year to accompany Blue North Scuba Club on boat dives and shore dives.
– Guests must be members of OUC. If a guest is not already a member of OUC for the current year, Blue North can assist in making that happen, or the guest can contact OUC directly and supply Blue North with their OUC membership number.
– Guests pay the same boat fee or shore dive fee as Blue North members for the dive trip(s) that they attend.
– All club policies, including Covid-19 protocols, apply to guests as well as members. Guests must agree to these terms.
See the Guest Diver Policy


Interac e-Transfer

Send your e-Transfer payment now for Blue North membership to: bluenorthscuba@gmail.com
Note: There is no security question for this transaction. Security authentication has been established by the bank.

Application Form

Application Form
Please fill in and complete your Membership Application if you have not already done so:
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