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Welcome to Blue North Scuba. This is an exciting scuba club where young people from the university, recent graduates, alumni and all interested scuba divers can come together to meet each other, have fun and participate in the world of open water diving. We hope you will join your favourite buddies and instructors from HHUC for the wonderful experience of scuba diving with Blue North Scuba.

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Dive Coordinators, Divemasters, Rescue Divers, Executive members, Dive Buddies – It’s a fun and rewarding experience to be a part of a great organization.
We need you all!

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Blue North Dive Schedule 2023
Pick one, or all, of our enticing dives!
Western Islands, Toby, Curaçao, etc.


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NAUI Advanced Scuba Courses
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  • I’ve known these people for a long time, and they are a very safety conscious and supportive group.

    D. K. Bragg

  • I trust this group and feel safe diving with them.

    K. J. Cullen

  • It’s a great group of people to find my dive buddies!

    R. A. Belcher