Guest Scuba Diver Policy

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Guests of a Blue North Scuba Club member can dive on a Blue North club dive, providing they:

  • Present their certification card from a recognized dive training organization
  • Present their log book showing their most recent dives
  • Present proof of $40 OUC membership for liability insurance (or obtain OUC membership through Blue North Scuba Club)
  • Pay the annual Guest Fee of $40 (or become a member of Blue North Scuba Club for $40)
  • Guest scuba divers may choose not to become members of Blue North Scuba. However, they do have to pay the $40 annual guest fee and fill in the Application Form so that we capture their emergency contact info and dive credentials.
  • Pay the Dive Fee for boat or shore dive
  • Guest divers must abide by the Club Policies
  • Guest divers must fill in the annual OUC Communicable Disease Liability Release and Assumption of Risk Agreement