NAUI Advanced Scuba Diver Course

Blue North divers are invited to participate in the NAUI Advanced Scuba Diver Course

Dates: Summer 2023

Instructor: tbd

Prerequisites: Certified divers who successfully completed an Open Water Scuba Diver Course


Course description:
During training, students complete a minimum of six open-water dives, including three separate dives for navigation, night or low visibility diving, and deep diving, plus three additional dives based on your individual preferences and available options.

Possible activities include:

  • Search and recovery
  • Boat diving
  • Light salvage
  • Hunting and collecting
  • Exploration and underwater mapping
  • Wreck diving
  • Observation and data collecting
  • Diving in surf or currents
  • Altitude diving
  • Salt Water diving (in areas where most diving is in fresh water)
  • Fresh water diving (in areas where most diving is in salt water)
  • Shore diving
  • Diving for photos and videos
  • Using dive computers

Course fees: tbd

Additional costs: Dive fees for boat or shore dives.
You are responsible for your own scuba gear, transportation, accommodations, food.