BBQ Party 2023

Who’s invited?
Blue North members are invited to join the fun on Sunday afternoon, June 25, 2023, 12 noon to 4:30 pm for a fabulous and delicious BBQ party at Dave and Patti’s. Please join us to celebrate what a great year we’ve had, meet your fellow divers, welcome the newly certified divers, chat up the summer dive season and find out about our Caribbean trip this fall.

We’ll supply all the food: burgers, salads, cookies, ice cream and water.
Bring your own drinks.

Dietary Restrictions
If you have dietary restrictions, and find that our fare is unsuitable, please feel comfortable to bring something you know you can eat.

Those attending will be notified via email of the address and transit directions. Therefore, it’s important to register. Last year’s BBQ Party was so much fun, and we are fortunate to be invited back to Dave and Patti’s.

Please RSVP