Penetanguishene, Georgian Bay July 24-25, 2021

Here’s an opportunity to go diving this summer. HHUC and Blue North are joining up with SUCI (Scarborough Underwater Club Inc.) for a wreck dive in Georgian Bay on Saturday, July 24 and Sunday, July 25. In the past we called it the “Western Islands” dive out of Penetanguishene on Georgian Bay.

(1) your 2021 OUC membership of $40

(2) your dive fee of $220 for the charter

Keep in mind:

  1. This event is being run by SUCI.
  2. It’s only for already-certified divers who are 14 days past their second Covid vaccination.
  3. Anyone attending would need to purchase an OUC membership, if they don’t have one already.
  4. Any questions/concerns should be addressed to Raimund Krob at SUCI at
  5. Registration deadline Wednesday, July 21, 2021.

Dive Trip Details
Penetanguishene Dive on Georgian Bay
Saturday, July 24 to Sunday, July 25

The SUCI trip is diving from the Georgian Explorer charter boat out of Penetanguishene. Some of the shipwrecks include the following: The Mapledawn, Steel Bulk Carrier; Lottie Wolfe, Schooner; Michigan, Lifting Barge; Thomas Cranage, Lake’s Longest Wooden Steamer; Marquette, Schooner.

  1. The Dives:

1.1.   Many of the shipwrecks we’ll be diving on are in the 10m / 30’ depth range, with only one or two in the 20m / 60’ depth range
1.2.   In some cases, you can do two full dives with just one tank, and still have more than your minimum reserve left at the end
1.3.   Shallower dives tend to be warmer, so for thermal protection, while you will still want to wear full wetsuit, hood, boots, and gloves, you should be able to get away with only 5mm thickness, which will give you more flexibility and require less weight.
1.4.   The dives are suitable for a range of inexperienced to experienced divers and are ideal for getting back under the water after a lengthy absence.
1.5.   For more details about the dives and the Charter Boat, view 
SUCI’s Penetanguishene Dive webpage.

  • Cost and what’s included:

2.1.   The cost of the charter for the weekend is $220 per diver, payable by e-Transfer to Note that SUCI is not charging HHUC divers a premium, HHUC divers pay exactly the same as what SUCI divers pay.
2.2.   Fee includes:
2.2.1.      coffee, donuts, and fruit on arrival
2.2.2.      a hot lunch,
2.2.3.      cold drinks while aboard
2.2.4.      minimum of 2 dives per day, and if conditions permit and if all divers agree, as many as 3 dives per day
2.2.5.      all safety equipment (First Aid, O2, and AED)
2.2.6.      and the services of yours truly (me, Raimund Krob) as your Divemaster 

  • Schedule:

3.1.   The deadline for registering, completing all 3 required online forms, and paying is 4:00 pm Wednesday, July 21, 2021.
3.2.   Divers are required to be at the Penetanguishene Town Dock (2 Main Street) at 7:30 am on Saturday, July 24 and 7:30 am on Sunday, July 25, for loading and orientation.
3.3.   Our Charter Boat (the Georgian Explorer) departs from the Penetanguishene Town Dock at 8:00 am Saturday and 8:00 am on Sunday.

  • Number of Available Spots:

4.1.   As of July 19 (6 days prior to departure) SUCI has filled only 3 of 12 spots
4.2.   This leaves 9 spots open for HHUC and other OUC Member Clubs with a “Fully-Vaccinated” policy.

  • How to register:

5.1.   e-Transfer the $220 fee to by or preferably before 5:00 pm Wednesday, July 21, 2021. Note that SUCI has enabled INTERAC Auto-Deposit, so there is no security Question and Answer required.
5.2.   When your financial institution sends you your e-Transfer confirmation email, forward that to me at by or preferably before 4:00 pm Wednesday, July 21, 2021 and I will input your registration into SUCI’s Eventbrite system which will then email you your confirmed paid “ticket” to the charter.
5.3.   Carefully and correctly complete all three (3) required online COVID-19 Protocol forms below, understanding that a single error or omission will delay sanctioning and may prevent you from participating.

  • COVID Protocols & Online Forms: Fill out these THREE forms if you want to dive

6.1.   All participants must comply with applicable Federal, Provincial, Regional, Municipal and Facility Public Health regulations, protocols and guidance whenever participating in SUCI activities, including but not limited to complying with maximum gathering sizes, physical distancing, correctly wearing appropriate PPE, sanitizing shared high-contact surfaces, submitting to a remote body-temperature check prior to boarding, and correctly responding to Ontario’s questionnaire both prior to departing from home AND prior to boarding the charter boat:

online COVID-19 Screening Questionnaire 

6.2.   For health, safety, and liability reasons, SUCI has adopted a policy of “only fully vaccinated people may participate” in SUCI activities, where “fully-vaccinated” is defined as 14 days after the date of your second vaccination. People who choose not to get vaccinated therefore also choose not to participate. To implement this policy, SUCI requires all prospective participants to complete this form prior to participating:

online Vaccination Self-Declaration form 

6.3.   Prior to participating, OUC requires that all participants correctly complete 

OUC’s online Communicable Disease Liability Release and Assumption of Risk Agreement 

Participants are required to report their 2021 OUC Membership Number. OUC membership numbers change every year, and previous year OUC membership numbers will not be accepted, and will prevent OUC from sanctioning the requested activities.

  • Air Fills:

7.1.   Air fills will be available at Neptune’s Locker Dive Shop, located in the village of Tiny, Ontario, 15 minutes’ drive from the Penetanguishene Town Dock.
7.2.   Note that if you don’t want to bother getting air fills after the Saturday dive, you should bring at least 4 full tanks with you.

  • Accommodations:

8.1.   Due to COVID-19, accommodations nearby are few and far between and those that are, tend to be pricey.
8.2.   Try searching for accommodation an hour or so away, there might be more availability and lower cost.
8.3.   Worst case, it’s less than 2 hours drive from Hart House to the Penetanguishene Town Dock, so if you can’t find something available and affordable, you could choose to drive up at 5:30 am. Saturday morning and then back home again Saturday night and sleep in your own bed. Then lather, rinse and repeat on Sunday.



Raimund Krob at SUCI